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Creating a Raah After Two Artistes Meet At Raah

Maana andhera hai ghana aur raat kaali syaah hai
Dil mei hai umeed par, kyunki kahi toh koi ‘Raah’ hai

The sun was shining brightly outside but the shine on our faces was brighter. I guess that inner shine, the shine of our soul, our art and hope was flickering deep down somewhere. We were determined to keep that light burning lesser did we know that God had already created the ‘Raah’.

“It was 27th January and I was sitting at this place waiting for people to arrive as only me and organizer were there for a Poetry session. After an hour I was sure that this was a stupid decision and a waste my day. But to my surprise, a girl walked in the room. I had been writing since I was 8 but till date I never sat with someone who could listen to my words so religiously. I think I never even imagined in my dreams from London to India, I would meet a girl so like me” – Kumar Vaibhav Managing Director of Holistic and Youthation. Has been writing poetry since he was 8 and is now a known face in poetry circles.

“Though I was in Pune for 3 years and had always believed that the city would let my art flow in a manner Delhi could never do, I did not know that all I have done so far will find a purpose in one go. We started talking. We recited our poems to each other. Hours passed and we were still reciting to each other. So much so that the organizer could not even understand Hindi yet we were getting so much peace sharing with each other. Just two of us. I guess he was a clone to me. “ – Komal Jain, a Poet and TedX host.

A beautiful journey started at Raah, which went on from an Unusual Friendship to going in different poetry sessions together to becoming a known name in poetry to writing together for days to falling in love to forming an Art Company (Art Culturati) to finally doing our show at Raah.

“Ek raah mili us Raah pe, Aur raahein ek ho gayi Kuch is tarah se dekha usne saari chaahein ek ho gayi! Kuch karisma tha kudrat ka, kuch jagah mein hi Jaadu tha Ek doosre se alag the hum, Junoon magar bekabu tha


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