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Our Book Library

There is no greater indulgence in life than an hour or two of solace with one of your favourite books. Raah offers a selection of books for reading and renting in a warm and conducive environment promising excellent reading from a collection of literary genres.

We have a vast personal collection of Mr Jug Suraiya books. The prominent Indian journalist, author and columnist has very graciously donated his personal favourites for Raah readers.

We offer books and host book readings, debates and discussions to promote and share the exciting experience of literature. We believe books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of all counselors.

So throw your worries to the wind – and grab a well thumbed read at Raah. We also offer a garden terrace where you can escape with the book of your choice sipping hot latte, cappuccino or tea of your choice.

Here anyone can read, write & share short stories.

Try it for free . No registration needed. 

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