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Undeniable Proof That We Need Meetups


We hear people talking about Meetups all the time. But, do we really know what they are, or what makes them such a hot topic of discussion? These are quite literally just that – people meeting each other. What kind, you ask? Everything under the sun.

What are Meetups?

Meetups are usually business based and used mainly for networking. Most large companies now hold regular meetups at their offices, due to their long observed perks.
Meetups are composed of two main categories – The organizers, and the attendees. The former are those who are more experienced, already have a network, and are looking to share their expertise, while expanding their own horizon.

Importance of Meetups

The latter are those who gain the most. Meeting new people is the primary advantage of being an attendee, with added benefits like free food, and sometimes, even beer.
Jokes apart, attending meetups regularly greatly widens our repertoire, and opens doors to new opportunities. These type of Event organized for freshers and newly employed people ensure that they find people compatible with their interests, and creates employment and growth.

Intra office meetups

Intra office meetups work almost like work parties, but better. Meetups tend to have speakers, mainly of three kinds. People who have experience and want to share their knowledge, professionals, like those from HR, who may talk about “the other side of recruiting”, or people who are at a coveted position in the company/industry and will tell you what they know about it and how to get there, and people who will advertise the company, giving insights and making us aware of different aspects and products of the company.

Why are Meetups Important?

They’re not only socializing, but also learning forums, where social skills are developed and understanding of groups, concepts, and industries, enhanced. It also shows us that there are so many people out there with goals and visions like ours, coexisting. Talking to them about their journeys can give us perspective, too.

While work is a great motivator in itself, these type of events has other upsides that have little to nothing to do with business. They’re a great way to meet like-minded individuals, and you may find yourself having conversations so fruitful, they may stimulate a new idea in themselves.

We often face trouble trying to approach people or find the right ones to talk to. Meetups often simplify the task, because depending on the kind of meetup we’re attending, people with interests similar to our own, are walking around, waiting to be spoken to. It gives us a chance to hang out with people outside of our usual social circle, and form connections.

Meetups are a great way to meet people, discuss ideas, and learn. If you haven’t attended one already, we’d suggest finding the closest one right away. Who knows what new opportunities you might run into?

Undeniable Proof That We Need Meetups
Article Name
Undeniable Proof That We Need Meetups
We hear people talking about Meetups all the time. But, do we really know what they are, or what makes them such a hot topic of discussion?
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