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Phone: (+91) 9763095043 / 8805879363 / 9822322838

Our Values


We recognize that learning occurs in unexpected ways all around us, and that we have the potential to arouse curiosity and encourage discovery. We value our role as a center for life-long learning in our community.


We value innovative & forward thinking. We nurture creative expression in all its forms & foster curiosity, exploration & a spirit in our staff and our guests.


We believe in the power of inclusivity. We value openness and transparency in all interactions and extend our embrace to all. Only in this way will we create true lasting bonds in the community and society at large.

Collaboration & Community

We value our role as a Literacy and Cultural Centre where dreams can grow and ideas ripen, where everyone’s voice can be heard, and where we learn from each other.


We value excellence and strive to offer literacy and cultural programs and exhibits of distinction, offer the highest quality guest experience and conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.

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