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Events in January

Durbar – ae – Sher – O – Shukhan | By Gazalkingzid

Durbar-e-Sher-o-Sukhan is a program that brings back the suave & debonair cult of Royal Class Mehfils. It is a grandiose & elite treatment of Urdu Shayari that serves the taste of the connoisseurs of poetry & literature across Hindi-Urdu-English languages. Durbar-e-Sher-o-Sukhan is a nostalgia-filled camping with the poetic styles of the past. The poet Zid

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The Gawahi Versification

“All the World’s a stage. All men & women are merely players.” Poetry is a form of expression that doesn’t just bring people together with its words, but rather finds itself slowly settling into our veins. Join us, for an amazing open – mic poetry session. Read out your poetry. Speak your mind like you

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Rumi Hai | By Ashwin Chitale

A Mehfil dedicated to the life of Persian poet Rumi. It will be performed in the Naqqali format. Naqqali is an ancient Persian storytelling art form. It will narrate the life story of Rumi through his original Farsi ghazals and their Hindi-Urdu translations. The show is written and performed by Ashwin Chitale, who has been

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Discovering Georgia O’Keeffe | 1 Day Art Workshop | by Renu S

Celebrated and legendary American painter Georgia O’Keeffe is most known for her Monumental paintings of magnified flowers. Drawing inspiration from her aesthetic style and theme centered around flowers, Raah invites your participation in an exciting art workshop! This workshop will combine a visual presentation with drawing/sketching and painting Sessions observing a live flower (Orchid or

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The Comedy Club Show

We’ve relied on comedians for entertainment for a very long time, and the most hilarious comedians always offer us a chance to laugh. Their jokes not only make us happy but also boost our self-esteem. After all, everybody needs a laugh in their day-to-day lives! So, to bring some more laughter into your life, Raah

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