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Events in December

Death of An Anti-National

Watch a solo that raises questions about identity and nationalism by actor Aishwarya Walvekar. The theatrical piece relies on audio-visual aids, lights and music to enunciate the thoughts and musings of the writer performer. The play will touch upon concepts like anti-nationalism, India as a mother, and also takes a feminist approach on patriotism. Talks

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Main Koi Aisaa Geet Gaaoon

Bring out the Stage Performer in you! Learn, Update, Advance, Brush up and Polish your singing performance on stage – Take your ability a few notches up from your present level. All about the right skills, tips, pointers, dos & don’ts and mindset – from the first hand experience of a Full Time Professional with

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The MadBai

Get ready for a comic treat with The MadBai. An archetype character created by Niki Ray. The MadBai is someone who finds herself caught between changing cultures, changing times and the challenges thereof. Yet, she manages to boldly survive, be empowered, and be happy and constructive. MadBai talks about things that no one else wants

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Rahgiri Zindabad

Rahgir, is a musician who loves to travel and write songs about the thoughts he has while roaming the streets of India. As an artist he excites, enlightens, leads and embraces the audience with insights into life’s meaning and deepest feelings. Ancestral values are seen embedded deep in his poetry. Rahgir captivates audiences through the

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Tales & Twists

On this World Disability Day, Kakoli Bagchi will be narrating stories to sensitize society towards people with special needs making them inclusive. Come and listen to these wonderful stories and observe World Disability Day with us. There will be a DIY activity for the kids which they can take home. Know More

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Kids Movie

This month the popular movie ‘Inside Out’ will be screened. It is based on Riley’s emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. The emotions live in Headquarters, they control Riley’s mind, where they help and advise her through everyday life. The movie will be followed by an interesting discussion. Know More

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Etre Distrait

We are all always looking out for some kinds of distractions in our life to deviate us from our day to day activities.. also somewhere inside we do believe in miracles or would like to believe that miracles do exist. Be prepared to get distracted with some amazing miracles and illusions that Kunal Newar will

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