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Drum Circle

Artist / performer / instructor


Drum Circles are high-energy, stress busters & is an impactful activity. From simple rhythm patterns to complex yet achievable Jugalbandi. Participants will be given an African percussion musical instrument called a djembe and will also be taught African tribal song. Yudi will first start with participants getting comfortable with the djembe and some basic rhythm patterns. Once in the rhythm, several patterns are gradually attained that create the magical moment!
Yudi, well known as Yudi Baba Drumanada is a percussionist plays Tribal drums from India and Africa. A lawyer turned musician hails from Mumbai but lives in Pune.
He’s a TedX speaker and his topic was tribal artform in connection with roots of India and Africa.
He has been promoting Tribal artform through his Drumming and has formed a tribe in Pune called Pune Drum Circle.
He’s also a Djembe teacher, teaching the authentic style of West African drumming.


Event Date / Time

June 24, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Event Duration

5:00pm – 6:00pm

Donation Pass

500/- (Per person)

Contact person

Raah (9763095043)


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