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Akkad Bakkad Bumble Bo

Artist / performer / instructor


❤ Just Swipe Right! 💕 – We wish finding love was that simple, but the Bumble-Dating culture has opened up a new can of funny sounding worms – Ghosting, Orbiting, Red-Flags, Gas lighting, Rizz and Situationship.

🤡The Characters:

🕺Arya has been ghosted by almost all of his Bumble dates in 2023! So, he signs up to learn Alpha Male Mastery skills and takes his first red pill.

👩‍🦳Archana is a visionary feminist driving the fifth wave of feminism towards abolishing the concept of marriage. #JaNahiKartiMainShaadi

👽Yash – Every man wants to be like him and every woman wants to have him.
He dons the confident smile of a Casanova life coach while helping young men understand women’s evil intentions.

💃Alisha is a happy-go-lucky fashionista who is Bad-Tripping on her recent break-up. Her bff Simran forces her to go on a Blind Bumble Date that changes her life forever.

Thoda Romantic; Thoda Comedy; Thoda Tragic; Thoda Dance

A light hearted Dating App Love Story accompanied by Theatre Jazz Dance Performances.


Event Date / Time

June 3, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Event Duration

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Donation Pass

Rs. 500/- per person

Contact person

Raah (9763095043)


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