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How to create a good Feng Shui at the main entry of the house

The main entry of the house plays a very important role in the overall feng shui of the house.
The main entry is very important as it is through the main door that the house absorbs its Chi or Feng Shui energy and nourishment.
When a house has good energy circulating throughout, the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well-being.
Basically, good feng shui in your main entry means a main entry that is able to welcome and direct the flow of feng shui energy into the house versus pushing the energy away or weaken it.
This can be achieved with strategically placed art, specific colors, a big plant or a vase of flowers, specific pieces of furniture or mirrors (please note that mirrors should never face the entrance directly, as this pushes the energy away instead of drawing it in.)
Below are some basic tips for creating good feng shui in your main entry. Be sure to implement these tips along with the tips for a strong feng shui main door, as one does not work well without the other.
Find out the feng shui bagua area of your main entry and use the best colors and shapes to strengthen the needed feng shui element.
A good feng shui front door nourishes the house. It is called the mouth of the Chi energy.

1. A Front door opens inwards not outwards.
A front door opening inwards is welcoming, or pulling in the Chi-energy, instead of pushing it away. If the door opens outwards, change the position of the hinges. The front door opening outwards can spoil the feng shui of the entire house.
2. A good front door open into a wide space not cramped space-
Does your front door open completely and easily, or is it blocked because you store things behind it? Dustbins, crackled old pots or dying plants do not invite wealth-Chi into the home. In fact, it will destroy the feng shui of the entire house.
When your front door does not open fully, your energy is stagnant and opportunities may not “open” for you. Remove objects from behind your front door and watch your future prospects open as well.
3. Does your front door open to a small foyer?
If so, it most likely has a wall opposite the front door, and this blocks energy flow. When the inside foyer space is too small, hang a bright light above the door. Keep the light turned on for at least three hours each day.
You can use a mirror to visually enlarge the foyer space, but position it so that it doesn’t directly face the door. Placing a striking and eye catchy mirror at the doorway is a lovely way to greeting the energy. However donot place mirror directly opposite to the front door or it will push the benlovent wealth energy out of your home.
The Front Door Is The Doorway To Wealth – Make It Look That Way
1. A good feng shui front door Should not be too big or too small
Many a times you will notice 2 or 3 storied homes with little front doors that should have been adequate when the home was small, 1 storied Make sure that the energy moves inside the front door freely, and doesn’t get stuck on the doorstep because the entrance place is too small to allow in enough energy to circulate throughout the house.
An entry that is too big in proportion to the home will invite in more energy than is needed. This can overwhelm the space within
If you feel your door is too small and it does not allow enough Chi to enter the home, then place a mirror on both side of the door.
2. A good feng shui front door must be the grandest looking door in the house.
That means no weird looking, idle nail round the door edge, no rust on doorknobs, no dried flowers, vines or old garlands on the front door. Your front door must be made of solid wood not glass. And it has to be larger than the other doors in your home.
3. A good feng shui front door should be at least high enough.
The tallest member of the household should be able to walk through without difficulty. There should be some distance between the door and the ceiling. A house with a low ceiling or with the top of the door touching the ceiling, will exerts pressure on the Chi that passes through the door and does not augur well for family fortune.

South Water or Earth Fountain or Crystal
North Earth or Wood Crystal or Plant
East or southeast Metal or Fire Windchime or Light
West or Northwest Fire or Water Light or Fountain
Southwest or Northeast Wood or Metal Plant or Windchime

COLOR OF THE Feng Shui Front Door
South- Red
North- Dark blue or Black
East & Southeast- Natural Wood Color
West & Northwest- Ochre or Yellow
Southwest & Northeast- White
Do You have a Toilet above the main door?
If you have a toilet above the main door then it makes a very inauspicious entrance. You can use vertically striped wall-papers, tall lamps on a console-table.
The best cure is shining a bright light upwards and turn it on for at least 3 hours.daily, but, there is no permanent cure.
Is Your Entrance Visible?
If you happen to live in an apartment or condo and have to make your way through dark hallways in order to get to your front door, then make sure that between the entrance to the building and your front door there is a clear pathway.
If you can, put a few plants along the corridor leading to your front door. If that is not possible, then perhaps you can put one or two outside your own front door, so that your energy is lifted when you see your home.
Ideally, you want your front door to be facing the street so that energy and opportunities can easily come off the road and to your door. However, if you don’t have that luxury and your front door is hidden on the side of your home, then you can always put lights, plants or some cute flags all the way from the street to the front door. Your goal is to direct the energy to your “hidden front door.
Is Your Main Door Hit By Poison Arrow?
Poison arrows can come towards your front door in the form of triangle Roof Line from opposite neighbour, Or It could be the edge of a building, steps leading up or down, lamp post, cemetery or high rise tower.
Also indoor it can attack the front door in the form of Pillar, spiral staircase, wall mirrors, wall edge, toilet door
To Overcome poison arrows you need to use the exhaustive cycle of element.
How To Enhance Your Feng Shui Front Door.
1. You can bury three old coins, tied together with red thread, under the ground or rug inside the main door
2. Hang an auspicious painting such as a painting or photograph of a 100 birds near the door. A hundred birds is particularly excellent as it also symbolizes a hundred opportunities coming your way.
3. Place a water feature somewhere near the front door directly in front, either outside or inside. It will attract prosperity and income luck
4. Place good fortune plants on either side of the main door
5. Display a pair of Fu dogs to protect against negative energy harm to the house
6. It is good to place double dragon just inside the door.
7. Altars that directly face either the main door or door into the family or living room are deemed to be auspicious,
Your Main door is your doorway to health, prospertity and peace. Make it that way.

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