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10 Things You Didn’t know about Raah

If you think You know Raah very well, Here are the 10 things you didn’t know about Raah – A Literacy  & Cultural Centre, Pune.

  1. Raah is Founded in December 2017, by Mr. Azhar Tambuwala and Ms. Aiman Mehta, it’s a siblings initiative under the umbrella of The Raahat Foundation, a Charitable Trust.
  2. It is an Intimate Performance Space in Pune. The rationale and philosophy behind setting up Raah is to provide a dedicated multi-purpose art and recreation space for people of all ages for their artistic, intellectual, recreational, cultural and charitable expressions.Raah
  3. It’s a non- profit venture, where the idea is to create a community vibe. It’s an initiative taken for the people. It’s their Community Space.
  4. Most of the Programmes are free. Tickets if any are very nominally priced.
  5. Raah has a small well-stocked library with books of various genres where people can come and read for an hour or two. A lot of senior citizens can take advantage of this.
  6. Raah also has a Stair Climber and Wheelchair for Senior Citizens and the specially-abled.
  7. Complete with a stage, a green room, and a performance area, Raah can easily accommodate approx 85 people seated and over a 120 standing.
  8. Raah seeks to encourage new ideas and develop fresh thinking across all disciplines, free from religious and political agendas as well as activism of any kind.
  9. Since Inception i.e in 18 months Raah has hosted more than 350 programs. These include English, Hindi and Marathi plays, Talks by experts in various fields, Musical programmes, Workshops, contemporary, Indian and Western Classical Dance performances, English and Hindi Poetry Slams, Open Mics, Stand-Up Comedies, Screening of award-winning films by Individual filmmakers, Films for kids, Raah has its own Book Club-Books Chai and More with a strong membership and growing, Storytelling sessions and a lot lot more.
  10. All Raah proceeds go towards charity. At The Raahat Foundation, we believe in social change by empowering the most vulnerable members of the underprivileged communities – the women, youth and children.

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