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‘Raah’ Cultural Centre All Set To Enthral Pune

Raah, The Literacy and Cultural Centre is all set to open its doors to Pune’s citizens on December 3, 2017.

Aiman Mehta and sibling Azhar Tambuwala have set up this cultural centre to provide a platform to budding talent across cultural expressions and art forms.

Aiman Mehta, Director and Co-Founder, endeavours to provide a dedicated, multi-purpose art and recreational platform across age groups to catalyse their artistic, intellectual, cultural and charitable expression…

“There are so many amateur theatre artists, musicians, singers and even stand-up comedians who just need a place to practice and explore their potential and ‘Raah’ intends to provide this, with the art space,” she adds.

Founded under the umbrella of the ‘Raahat Charitable Foundation’, ‘Raah’ aims to create a community vibe and is not aimed at earning profits.

“We were doing a lot of charity and social work at an individual level and that’s when we thought of giving this a formal structure and came up with ‘The Raahat Foundation’, says Azhar Tambuwala. “This was done so that we are accountable to the charity commissioner who can showcase our work and to also invite people to see what we do, and be a part of this mission,” he adds.

“Raah’, under the auspices of the foundation is for art, culture, theatre, poetry, literature, comedy and other genres. We have created this non-profit space to encourage budding and eminent artists, where the audience can maximise use of our place and indulge in creative expression.
“People have many interests, but there are very few places in the city that showcase the cultural and literary facets across different languages and at an inexpensive fee. This is what makes ‘Raah’ different from other cultural epicentres which are restricted to only one form of art. We wanted to have shows frequently at affordable rates, so that people can come and actually perform, as well as enjoy them.

“So, the overall idea is to give a space to anybody from any sphere, community, immaterial of religion or political prejudice to explore their potentials and to promote not only inhouse artists and art forms but also art in different languages, genres, cultures and countries,” shares Azhar.

From a high-powered panel discussions to story telling sessions, open-mic gigs and stand-up comedy acts, all these can be enjoyed at the opening of South Pune’s literary and cultural hub.

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