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In support of aesthetics

The artist community in the city is an ever-growing tribe. They are working round the clock, producing artworks, holding workshops, participating in some of them, putting up exhibitions, staging dramas, attending sangeet baithaks, literary sessions etc. All of this bodes well for the art scenario, but with a catch.
There are not enough spaces or studios for the artists to showcase their work and interact with fellow artists. However, a few enterprising individuals with artistic inclinations have opened the doors of their studios to the creative people of all hues.

Raah — A literary and cultural centre, Lulla Nagar
Raah encourages new ideas and fresh thinking across all disciplines. Founded by Aiman Mehta, Raah is an art space for artistic, intellectual, recreational, cultural and charitable expression. “This part of the city never had a creative space available for artists. Hence, they went to the other side of the town to showcase their works,” says Mehta, explaining the reason for starting the cultural centre at Lulla Nagar.
She believes that it is important for artists to have a platform. “In search of a place, musicians started playing at various cafes in Pune. But the music stayed in the background. I wanted the artists to be in the forefront,” adds Mehta, who is a painter and gave up her corporate job to pursue it.

The increase in the number of creative spaces will only help the upcoming and established names in art world to come together as a community. Mehta points out that this will result in different people wanting to try and experience different types of art forms. This, in turn, will encourage people to take up a creative skill and benefit those who are teaching it.

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