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Events in March

Anurag – A Dramatic Peading

Rangbhasha presents quaint reflections on a life in the villages, towns and cities of Central India, delightful stories written with sensitivity and a discerning eye with remarkable attention to detail. They will capture the drama in the simple lives of simple people, in lucid rich language, giving the audience an enriching experience. So come join […]

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Wild Surmise (Online)

This month the poetry lovers will start discussions & reading of a new poem “The Bijak of Kabir”. There are thousands of poems popularly attributed to Kabir but only a few written collections have survived over the centuries. The Bijak is one of the most important anthologies, being the sacred book of the Kabir Panth

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Discover the Real You

Human beings all over the world are leading a life of limitations. Unaware of their true potential, people make compromises and settle for a life of strife and struggle, stress and friction. As a result, distressed individuals, separated families and warring communities are considered the norm in present society. This can Change. Bhagavad Gita, the

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The Mix Open Mic Show

Any performer will tell you that you can practice for years in the comfort and privacy of your room, but it’s not until you take your act to a stage in front of live audience that you’ll really hone your craft. Raah brings you one such night of Mix Open Mic where you can showcase

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Magic in mind

Get ready for an enthralling experience with the very talented magician Sudipto also known as the “Mindsmith”. He will unlock the doors of your mind, & control it while tickling your funny bone. Having mastered the art of deception, over the years, Sudipto’s expertise lies in the sleight of hand, mind reading, influencing and hypnosis.

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Anjuman – Open Mic Poetry

Anjuman is an open forum for poets from various cultures and languages to share their writings and expressions. Initiated to spread the love for Hindi/ Urdu poetry and encourage new writers to write better and enjoy the company of like-minded people, Anjuman today is a community of prolific published poets and young new talent. Anjuman

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Stand-Up Comedy

We’ve relied on comedians for entertainment for a very long time, and the most hilarious comedians always offer us a chance to laugh. Their jokes not only make us happy but also boost our self-esteem. After all, everybody needs a laugh in their day-to-day lives! So, to bring some more laughter into your life, we

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Bolly-Pop Dance Workshop

A highly energetic workshop for adults & teenagers, where they learn their favourite mixture of Bollywood takda with some Angrezi pop dance moves on latest trending songs. The choreography would be on the song Malang. This workshop will teach you a set of exciting dance moves which will make you a confident performer. The workshop

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