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Smart phone dilemma for parents

There are many games and apps which are unsuitable for growing children. Some of the games appear normal but are sometimes prying into the child’s life without their knowledge.
The children think it is fun when they are asked to say feed the cat at 1 am or 4 pm or whatever. At the same time, these games are asking private questions that can be misused.

Since there is no control over porn or sex sites, the parents have to be careful what his/her child sees.
Sometimes innocent sites or games open up to porn or undesirable sites which the child may read or see. Parents too have to be careful and must delete all porn or sex jokes which are forwarded by their friends. There is always a chance that your kid may fiddle around with your phone and by mistake open one of those forwards.

Another danger also comes from paedophiles who cleverly use the smartphone to entrap young girls and boys. The phone will always come useful when your child goes for a party or to a mall as you can keep track of their whereabouts.

It will also ensure their safety because of there are many shady characters and thieves hanging around. Those the smartphone is a welcome development in this digital age of ours, there is also new responsibility for parents too. Checking your son or daughter’s phone may evoke a strong response from them. They may think you are spying on them. These things must be done subtly so that the child doesn’t get offended easily.

By not giving them a smartphone too has its disadvantages. There is always peer pressure and it can develop into a complex. Some parents of school-going children prefer to give them the phone for an hour or two to keep them satisfied.

Ultimately, a balance must be struck between you and your kid. A smartphone is essential in the modern-day world but not at the risk of damaging your child’s character.

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