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Why You Should go to an Art Exhibitions more often?

Art is the collective expression of what it means to be human. It is representative of the human condition. Our languages, our histories, our cultures, our times, our trials and tribulations, expression of joy, sorrow, strengths and weaknesses, our solitude and our celebrations. It encompasses human existence and derives its meaning from it.

RAAH remains to be one of the premiere Spaces for artists in Pune for various disciplines of art and we are firmly entrenched in the belief that art is critical to nourishing and nurturing society and culture. It is invaluable as it challenges status quos and celebrates diverse perspectives. We encourage people to regularly consume art especially at art exhibitions. Now we know that not all of the readers must have visited art exhibitions before. Some might have but for those who haven’t it might seem daunting. The reasons for that could be varied. Some find it difficult to comprehend and can’t make heads or tails of it. Some just think it isn’t for them. Some think that buying art is a necessity at exhibitions and therefore never venture. We’d like to make some cases for the cause of visiting art exhibitions periodically if not regularly.

But before that it would be wise if we discussed in brief what an art exhibition actually means. An art exhibition is traditionally a meeting ground, a space where art meets an audience. Some exhibits are temporary whereas some could be permanent depending on where the exhibition takes place or the venue as it is called.

Exhibitions are also called expositions and they may consist of pictures, drawings, video, sound, installation, performance, interactive art, new media art or sculptures by individual artists, groups of artists or collections of a specific form of art.

Now possible venues could be limitless but primarily art is displayed in museums, art halls, art clubs or private art galleries. Now at these exhibitions there are two distinct types of art; those which are on sale and those installations or pieces which are permanent and aren’t for sale. This is an important difference and tells a lot about the art object.

Seeing that we have a fair idea of what art exhibitions are maybe we can now convince those who of you who haven’t attended one before or are averse to the idea to attend one? What makes art so salubrious to society? How does consuming art better our lives? And why we, as an Art Incubation Centre in Pune are advocating for it?


Thought and art walk hand in hand. Neither one can drag or rush. Art reflects ‘the now’ or the present, it puts the past into context and it paints a picture of the perception of the future. Therefore we can understand why there are eras in art. There was modern art, which was followed by post-modern art and then we arrive at contemporary art. We recommend you go to a contemporary art exhibit because it is more relevant to our times. You’d be experiencing the art of today. It would be art which reflects the thought of some of the smartest and most creative people around. If you want to find out about the diverse perspectives of today, and how our generation is considering the human condition, you need to experience a contemporary art exhibition.

Attend the Art Exhibitions


Art exhibitions that display historical or classical work are like a blast into the past. They form a picture of how people in the past looked at their times, what their world view was and how we came to be in the present because of their thought and actions. For people who are artists or are initiated to the arts, it shows evolution of the arts. The idea of rationalism influencing modernism, post-modernism tearing down those notions and constructs and finally contemporary art being born as a critique of our current times.


Bonding over art is an extremely cathartic experience. When you experience art with people, it opens your mind up to the diverse ways in which people think and process things around them. You get to intimately know their thoughts, their behaviours, their perspectives and outlooks on life. It is something that you can bond over and have extremely personal conversations about. Knowing others subjective opinions about matters opens up your own mind as well. It also creates a strong sense of camaraderie and community.


When one consumes art, one consumes not just art but history, language, social studies, politics amongst other things. One is introduced to complex ideas and concepts and layers. This leads to a great deal of exposure which then spills into one’s life. The best way to enhance one’s personality is to indulge in arts and culture. Not only do you become smarter and more aware, you also become empathetic to the world around you. There is a lot of sentiment attached with art and therefore it also deepens your heart. That’s one of the most valuable things of all. Try going to an art exhibition, and really embrace the learning that goes along with it. You’ll be glad that you did.

All of these factors were geared towards a more public centered view of exhibitions. These benefits would be accrued if common people started frequenting art exhibitions more; people who aren’t artists themselves. We’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss what opportunities it gives artists when they visit art exhibitions as well.


Exhibitions are a great place to meet both upcoming and established artists. Never underestimate the value of networking, as you can get very important contacts of people who can become your mentors and guide you towards the direction of your dreams. Networking also puts you in a better place to know where the next opportunities are, and how to get them.


If you are an artist it is imperative that you know what is going on in your field of work. When you go to an exhibition, you will learn about the type of art that people are interested in at a particular time. You can also use exhibition as a research point where you study the kind of art that draws people in, and why they prefer a particular form of art.


Art is a creative endeavour and thus artists are professionals who perhaps face creative and mental blocks the most. Sometimes you feel like you do not have energy to create more work. While it is understandable, it can really slow you down and set you behind other artists. Going to an exhibition where your peers or seniors are exhibiting will most definitely help in getting over this block or lack of inspiration or ideas. We at RAAH are also an Art & Crafts Class Venue Pune so you could get in touch with us as well to start a learning curve.

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